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I can never leave Paper Source empty handed. Even if I am only going in with the sole intent of browsing there is always something I just have to have. Even if my bank account was negative I could find something in the store to purchase. Something colorful, charming, well designed, quirky or playful will always catch my eye.

They have a great selection of beautiful papers. I love buying a couple sheets of these papers around the holidays or for bridal and baby showers and incorporating them into my gift wrapping. They always help take my wrapping to a new level and help get that "Oh my gosh, look at how FABULOUS this wrap job is!" response I am always secretly seeking ;).

Their visual merchandising is always on point too. Each little table is set up beautifully with products of a similar style / feel / subject matter. The products the store has always seem really fresh as far as the design aesthetic goes.

Here's what I got during my last visit to the store.

(Apparently I was in a shopping mood this weekend)


Oh Joy - By Joy Cho / $27.50 / Such a cute book with tons of craft & diy ideas in it.

Glitter Mini Banner / $9.95 / Can't wait to hang this somewhere in my apartment.

Gold Glitter Heart Stickers / $4.95 for 84 stickers / Going to use these in my agenda planner

Assorted Greeting Cards / $5.95 each / Such fun sayings! I don't normally like to spend so much on cards because I think it's fun to make your own, but I couldn't pass these up.

Wildflower Washi Tape / $3.95 / Love this floral design. Sorry I know you can't see it very well in the image.

Coral Colorblock Pouch / $12.95 / Simple with cute colors. Going to be perfect to keep make-up in when I'm on the go.

I also bought a pouch of confetti sprinkles but wasn't really in a vaccuuming mood so I didn't take those out to photograph, just in case I sneezed and they went flying :)

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