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It's a dream of mine to one day get the opportunity to get a much coveted invite to see a runway show during New York Fashion Week or get a backstage pass to see the behind the scenes action. How amazing would that be?! Ah, well, until then...THANK GOD FOR THE INTERNET! How awesome is it that we live in a age where we are able to see live streaming video of what's happening at the pulse of fashion as it happens? In the past we'd have to wait to read reviews in the magazines or until we saw one of the starlets rocking the latest trends on the runway. What I love most about fashion design is the range of styles that are represented on the runways. Whether you are into timeless elegance or bold, boundary-pushing statement styles, there is something for everyone. I also really enjoy watching the shows of designers who seem vastly different, but if you look closely you can spot trend details that are being incorporated into different designer's pieces. Some of those types of details I've noticed this Spring / Summer 2016 season are... • Nods to retro eras / silhouettes • Long, sheer billowy sleeves • Bandanna style tying (in both tops and headbands) • Excessive embellishments and accessorizing • Interesting mixtures of colors • Pattern mixing • Sheer fabrics with floral embellishments • Fringe and tassels I have been watching as many videos of the shows at NYFW as I can fit into each night and wanted to share some of my favorites. Since the shows are still going on until the 17th, we'll consider this a mid-week round up.

DESIGUAL - I loved the mix of textures, colors and the ultra-cool vibe this show had. But I guess with a slogan of "Life is cool (La Vida Es Chula)," you would expect nothing less. What I always notice about Desigual is the way their pieces seem to be very multicultural, but in such a modern / urban way. You can see influences from many different cultures, but the way they are incorporated together makes for a really fresh blended feeling. Layered pieces with colorful prints, simple solids mixed with over-embellished pieces and elevating basic fabrics like denim and knits with elements like fringe, tassels, embroidery and braids made for a really exciting show. I think one of the most interesting parts of this show was the styling. The denim mohawks, braided hairstyles, and headphones camouflaged as elaborate headpieces were such creative additions to the overall looks. It was equally exciting to anticipate what the next head piece would look like as it was to see what the next garments would be.

JEREMY SCOTT - I had so much fun watching his show! He has such a clear vision and voice that comes across in his clothes (both on the runway and in all the out-of-the-box designs Miley rocked at the VMAs). He has a fierce playfulness about his designs. I loved how the show had such a range of details throughout, but still a very strong overall cohesive feel. Whether it was bold colorful prints / cartoon faces, using yearbook photos and television screenshots as a textile patterns, or mixing fishnets with polka dots, it all worked together in such a fun way.

GEORGINE - This color palette was one of my favorites. I enjoy when a runway show has a progression of color throughout. And this show had just that. It started with more straightforward navys and demure blues and with each piece progressed to a bright neon colored final couple of pieces. Georgine's ability to 'blur the lines between casual and formal' is on point. There is a great juxtaposition of sporty with glam. Slinky gowns with a scuba / surf inspired silhouette on top. Sporty tops paired with sequined / metallic glammed-up pants. The fur accessories were so much fun too! This was one of the shows that had my favorite make-up styling as well. I apologize for not having better images of the make-up looks, but they were colorful glowing eyes mixed with some colorful brows as well.

LIBERTINE - I am IN LOVE with all the patches and embellishments featured in Johnson Hartig's designs!! I can't get enough of them. After watching this show all I wanted to do was buy a bunch of fun patches and colorful chains and embellishments and add them to everything in my wardrobe. Although I'm not sure I'd be able to pull them off as well as these models did. This was another example of a designer who has a bold statement / vision and it was executed in such exciting looks. I also really enjoyed seeing the use of photoreal prints, especially in the menswear. These looks are also great examples of fun mixing of textures such as mesh knit fabrics, sheer layers and fur.

LC LAUREN CONRAD RUNWAY COLLECTION for KOHL'S - Of course I have to give a shout out to my girl Lauren Conrad. I always love seeing what she is up to with her fashion lines. While not technically part of the NYFW line-up, more of a pre-fashion week show, it was still such an enviable accomplishment for her and I loved seeing the designs. This show was nothing short of what you would expect to see out of Lauren. Romantic, feminine, and enchanting designs paired with effortless styling. Her designs always have a very light and fresh feeling and these did as well, but it was nice to see her normal aesthetic taken to a little more elevated level. I liked the mix of sheer fabrics and textured knits alongside sequined pieces and the mixing of flowy silhouettes with more structured garments as well. What was also cool about this show was that the designs were availble for purchase on immediately following the show. Go Lauren! And heck, doesn't she look gorgeous in her runway look too!

BETSEY JOHNSON - Betsey Johnson is such a fun spirit! There is no doubt about it, she designs what she wants and has such fun with it. Her show, "The Curious Case of Betsey Johnson," was divided into different themed groupings, each with a different vibe to celebrate 50 years in the industry. At least that's what I gathered from the models all carrying 5-0 balloons on their final pass down the runway. Spanning playful and colorful rufffled frocks to edgier rock inspired pantsuits and fitted dresses, her show showcased all sides of her aesthetic. I always love her use of eccentric textiles, colors and playful acessorizing. I mean seriously, don't we all want a Rubik's Cube purse?! Between each grouping she recited some spoken word that added her usual Betsey flair. My favorite line from after the ruffled tutu / prom party dress grouping was, "Off to the bar where they know your name. Your favorite clothes for the walk of shame." I get such a kick of out her. And, of course, she closed the show with her signiture cartwheel into the splits. Impressive!

Alrighty, I hope you enjoyed these recaps!

More will be coming later this week.


(The images featured here and more from all the designers showing at fashion week can be found at

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