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Flea markets are the perfect place to find interesting knick knacks, bits and baubles! I love the treasure hunt that ensues when you hit the aisles of booths filled with oddities, novelties and antiques. A couple weeks ago over Labor Day weekend I hit up the Cedarburg Flea Market and left with a couple items I was excited to bring new life to. One of my purchases was a bundle of old keys. I had been looking for some old keys for a while and had found a bunch in the past, but none of the ones I had previously bought were quite what I was hoping for. They were either too rusty, the wrong shape or not the right style. But this go-around at the market I found a booth that had the jackpot when it came to keys and found just the right ones for what I had in mind.

This DIY is a very simple one, yet leaves you with a very charming piece of jewelry worthy enough to add to your accessory collection.

(I would suggest washing and drying the keys prior to starting. Additionally, you might want to use a brush besides the ones that come in the nail polishes you are using. While this necklace is glittery and fun, it's not worth contaminating your supply of polish with rust and dirt if any gets left on the keys after washing.)

Try out different color combinations. This could look really spunky and fun with some bright neon colors, or very pretty and romantic with pastel hues. Try adding a charm of something you love or a tassel, feather or other cording to make it your own! Have fun with it!

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