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InstaCrush: @ChristinaWinkelmann

As a new blogger, I've been spending a lot of time on different social media outlets to keep up with what is trending in the worlds of fun and fashion, and am finding myself practically drooling over some of the amazingly curated accounts that fill my feeds with creativity, inspiration, color and fun!

Being a very visually stimulated person, Instagram has quickly become my favorite social media mode to browse and I've decided to start a weekly series called InstaCrush that will highlight my favorite accounts each week.

My first InstaCrush is dedicated to @ChristinaWinkelmann

Her Instagram account is filled with playful snapshots of her colorful life. She is the director of social media at (ahem...JEALOUS!), rocks pink hair like a badass and her fiancé is a total babe! Way to kill it Christina!

Here are some of my fave posts of hers...

>>>> An attractive man and flamingos?! Who could ask for more, right?

I want these all! Obsessing over this 'flair' collection!

These have to be the most amazing invitations I have ever seen! FUN overload!

Making us all consider ditching the diet for these treats. Donuts never looked so chic.

Hair envy! Loving the vibrant pink! #PinkHairDontCare

Neon, lips, color... OH MY!

How do people find such amazingly awesome walls? This one is particularly splendid!

Pretty sure there aren't any business cards cooler than these.

I'm excited to continue to see more charming, colorful posts on Christina's Instagram feed in the future and with nearly 20K followers, I know I'm not the only one.

Apparently the team at and I were on the same page. They put out a list yesterday with some of their Instagram faves and Christina made their list as well! Great minds think alike! See, I knew Lauren Conrad was my spirit animal :)


Happy Day!

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