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Pumpkin patches are in full drive, zombies and ghosts are making their appearances in yards in your neighborhood and mine, and the craft stores are stocked full with sequins, tulle and other fun crafting materials ready to help you with any of your costuming needs. We are a few weeks away from Halloween and it's time to start thinking of what to be this year! I have a track record of waiting until the last minute to decide what to be, and usually find myself scrambling to browse Pinterest to steal a quick idea and running around to Michael's, Joann's, Goodwill or Target to find what I need to pull it together. This year I figured I'd at least get a head-start a little earlier and check out what some of my favorite blogs and Pinterest have going on for ideas and have rounded up some of my favorites to share.

I don't think in my entire life thus far I can recall ever going as something creepy or scary for Halloween. I've never been into scary movies, have still not been able to watch more than 15 minutes of The Walking Dead and even find Pretty Little Liars too suspenseful at times. Yes, I am a wuss. And because of this, usually keep my Halloween costume on the more playful light-hearted side and you will definitely see that in the costume ideas I have gathered :)

Kelly from Studio DIY has been posting some really fun and relatively simple DIY costumes this year (and in past years) and I am loving this pineapple get-up. If you have a yellow dress all it takes is some green construction paper and a pair of cute shades and you're set. You could even take it a step further and (as long as it's a dress you don't mind altering) you could draw in the textured design of a pineapple with a brown sharpie. / DIY PINEAPPLE COSTUME

Another from Studio DIY is this Burger costume. My favorite part of this one is the sesame seeds. Such a great touch! If rocking a body-con dress or skirt isn't your thing, you could get the same effect by adding the red, green, yellow and brown fabrics along the bottom of a tan sweatshirt and wearing khaki pants instead of the skirt. / DIY BURGER COSTUME

I must be hungry with all these food related costume ideas from Studio DIY!

What I love about this one is the texture that is created with the crumpled up 'popcorn' paper on the top. / DIY POPCORN COSTUME

I always like when a costume is a play-on-words. Can you catch this one? Queen Bee from Studio DIY! So fun! If you have a striped shirt and a little DIY-ness in you this one would be so easy and cheap to put together. / DIY QUEEN BEE COSTUME

Check out more of Studio DIY's great costume ideas here.

BRIT + CO has been hitting the mark with some amazingly current / relevant costume ideas. I love this group costume idea! I mean who doesn't want to be part of Taylor Swift's Squad right now?! I know I do! Get your group of gal pals together and each pick one of Tay's besties to be. And to avoid any cat-fights over who gets to be T-Swift herself, maybe it'd be best to draw names out of a hat so it doesn't turn into a real-life Bad Blood situation. / DIY TAYLOR SWIFT SQUAD COSTUME

I am still very new to the whole Snapchat craze, but I have been seeing a lot of postings of people using the new lenses that include rainbow vomit, bulging heart eyes and smoke coming out of ears. So why not turn it into a Halloween costume right? Check out this video tutorial from Brittany of GettingPretty and how she recreated the infamous Snapchat lens filter. / DIY SNAPCHAT RAINBOW VOMIT MAKEUP TUTORIAL

Since the whole world pretty much speaks in Emoji now, grab your best girlfriend and go as the dancing girls emoji! Wear some black t-shirts and shorts (or go full-speed with a black leotard), make your own black bunny ear head pieces and point those toes sister. / DIY DANCING GIRLS EMOJI COSTUME

@chelsrose posted a cute pic last year of her take on the cat with heart eyes emoji. So simple, yet so cute!

Pom poms, pom poms, pom poms! I am always looking for something fun to make with pom poms!

Marie from The Joy of Fashion has provided just the right Halloween costume DIY to satiate any desire for pom-poming and it's such a cute idea! / DIY GUMBALL COSTUME

I, of course, had to include this piñata DIY costume from Camille Styles because it's a costume made entirely of fringe! What could be better? So colorful, festive and charming. Just don't let anyone actually hit you with the stick. Piñatas don't look so hot with bruises :) / DIY PIÑATA COSTUME

The designer in me had to include this one! Pantone Mimes! If I had to chose mine I'd probably go as PANTONE 806C! Such a fun idea from fashion designer / illustrator @issagrimm

Comment below if you have any other stellar costume ideas!

Here are some of my past Halloween looks :)

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