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I always go through major phases when it comes to what patterns I'm diggin on at the moment. Usually I am drawn to either bold, graphic, colorful prints or pretty, feminine florals. However, currently I'm obsessing over grid patterns and I'm loving seeing them popping up not only in fashions but also in accessories, home decor, tech gear, party supplies, stationery and more.

Those that know me well, know that I have a tendency to be a bit on the messier side of things when it comes to my apartment, car or desk at work. All three are usually in some state of disorganized chaos. I've been like that my whole life, just ask my parents...especially my dad, who is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to tidy vs. messy. My excuse has always been, "Oh, that's just the creative spirit in me." Or, "That's not a pile of laundry on my bedroom floor that I neglected to put away. It's a fashion collage." Anywho, as I was thinking about grid patterns and why I was so drawn to them I thought maybe part of it was that they were, in my mind, a contrast to the clutter in my life and provided a visual sense of organization when I looked at them, creating a quiet, serene feeling to me. I also just think they have a modern, refined, sophistication to them, yet at the same time feel very fresh and young to me. I love that juxtaposition of sophistication and youthfulness.

Grid patterns come in such a variety of styles. From very pencil thin, moderately scaled sizes to chunkier, heavier, bolder lines. Black lines on white or white lines on black. Different color variations.

I love them all. And below are some examples I've gathered of fashions, bags, home decor & more that I adore.

A / MISSGUIDED - Tayah Monochrome Grid Print Slim Fit Shirt - I like how the print on the pockets is angled 45 degrees for a slight contrast.

B / 2020AVE - Stay on Grid Tunic Blouse - The elongated length of this blouse is great!

C / ASOS - Jersey Peg Trousers in Grid Check - Love the cut of these pants because the grid pattern gives them a structured feel while the actual fit is a little looser.

D / FOREVER 21 - Grid Print Crop Top - Fun, simple, youthful.

E / LOVE CULTURE - Scoopneck Grid Blouse - Love the bow detail on the back of this blouse. It's a nice feminine detail to add to the linear grid pattern.

In fashion, these grid patterns are great paired with bright, fun, neon pops of color, pretty floral patterns, simple neutrals and bold black pieces.

A / ALDO - Nerine Satchel - Classy, sophisticated bag.

B / NEW LOOK - Mint Green Grid Print Shopper Bag - I like this variation of the grid because of the double line and the soft pretty color.

C / ZAZZLE.COM - Geometric Black and White Grid Pattern Make-Up Bag (by NancyTrippPhotoGifts)

D / NEW LOOK - Stone Grid Print Portfolio Clutch - Love the tassel detail on this clutch.

E / HOMEY OH MY - DIY Grid Pouch - Love that this was a DIY project and still looks so chic! I'm going to have to give this a try.

F / COACH - Madison Small Sadie Flap Satchel in Graphic Print - The contrast of the two color ways of grid pattern give this an edgier feel to me.

G / BRIKA - Grid Foldover Clutch - This white sketched grid pattern on the canvas with the black corners has such a cool vibe going on.

A / I'm not actually sure where these grid patterned plates are from, but I love, love, love them! I especially love how they are being used to showcase such fun bright neon colors. This photo was from Oh Happy Day Blog for a DIY about making the wrapped twig placecards, but I fell in love with the plates as well as the DIY and wish I knew where they were from.

B / Grid Pattern Wallpaper - Grid patterns don't have to be just for the girls. This wallpaper works great in a room for him as well.

C / VARPUNEN - Millimeters Sack - Simple storage.

D / @THISISVENICE - White Grid Negative Space Nail Design - Geometry meets beauty.

E / SKETCH INC. - Ombre Grid Notebooks - I always prefer a graph paper / grid pattern notebook over a lined notebook but they are so much harder to find. Loving the sweet, soft colors of these notebooks from Sketch Inc.

F / UNISON HOME - Grid Duvet Cover - I am still searching for a new bedding set and I think I might have found just the right one :)

G / GLAMOUR PARIS - Grid wall organizer - This would be such a fun way to organize your accessories. I love how the wire grid has the graphic feel of the printed pattern but is serving a functional purpose.

H / SOCIETY 6 - Graph Paper Slim IPhone Case - Channel your inner math geek with this case.

I / RESIDENT GP - Grid Wrapping Paper - I might have to order some sheets of this wrapping paper for my holiday gifts! Would look great with a bright red bow!

J / PRESENT & CORRECT - Pink Desk Box Set - If you are in need of any chic office supplies, look no further than Present & Correct. Loving the color combination of this box set.

K / 79 IDEAS - Desk / Wall Organization - Having major desk / office space envy.

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