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Every year the company I work for heads to New York City to sell the products we make at Toy Fair. In the past, it's usually been just people from the sales teams and key account teams that work the booth but for the past three years they've been sending the directors and managers from the art department to help sell, sell, sell. So I've been lucky enough to be able to go and it's always been a fabulous time. And while it's always an awesome experience and exciting to see how our show booth comes together, with the hectic-ness that comes with working a show as busy as Toy Fair also comes early mornings and exhausted nights. Not to mention sore legs and feet. Needless to say it's sometimes tough to work up the energy to be able to squeeze in any shopping or other New York-ish things. There are always so many things you wish you had the time and energy to do on a trip that's so busy and quick. BUT...

Who was smart enough to ask to stay an extra day to do some trend / inspiration shopping?


And who spent probably a little too much money on this extra day of shopping?


It was worth it!

A fellow co-worker and I were approved to stay an extra day and hit the streets of NYC to check out trends in fashion, crafts, design and any other sorts of inspiration we could soak up. My co-worker had to head back to Toy Fair for part of the day so I was left on my own to bop around town and I had such a great time! Here's a little photo collection of my fun day...

Even though some of these shots are from stores you can find in pretty much any city, it was still fun to see all the little NYC touches incorporated into their displays and signage.

Really diggin' neon signs lately. Especially pink ones!

One of my favorite things about shopping in New York is checking out all the elaborate window displays. Retailers really put a great amount of design and styling into their windows especially because of all the foot traffic that passes by. This was one of ABC Home & Carpet's many georgeous displays.

The colors of these compact mirrors at Forever 21 remind me of the color palette of my living room.

This was part of another window display at ABC Home & Carpet. Each window had such a different tone and theme it was representing.

Yay! Gemini represent! Lot's of zodiac inspired products out right now.

Thought this signage at Free People was quite charming.

I always like seeing what's on display in the Flat Iron Art Space.

If I had ANOTHER extra day, I think I would try to hit up some of the many art galleries around the city. There is such a variety of styles of art on display in each.

Fun block art for you block heads :)

Pops of color.

Love the quote on the side of this headphone packaging.

Super into all the snarky sayings on fashions and accessories.

Of course I had to stop in to Mood Fabrics to grab some fun fabric. Loving this silver metallic fabric and hot pink mesh fabric. Terrible picture though, sorry.

Loving my Maptote Manhattan bag I got at Don't Ask Why. Such a cute boutique with great stuff.

One of my many purchases of the day.

Nothing like some NYC street art.

Lastly, the most exciting part of the day was walking into the MOMA Design Store in Soho and after not even a minute and a half of being there there was some commotion coming from the back of the store. It was quite packed and everyone was looking around at each other thinking "What's going on?" and then finally realizing that their sprinkler system had burst and was pouring down on the back third of the store. Then the fire alarms started going off and employees were screaming "EVERYBODY OUT!" I was bummed! I really wanted to look around more! Oh, well, that probably saved me some money on the product I most likely would have found and convinced myself I needed to buy.

Till next time New York!

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