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When your house, apartment or dorm room needs a little splash of charm, this DIY Copper Pipe Wall Hang can add just the right touch. And it's super cheap and easy! These days I'm loving pops of neon and golden finishes and this wall hang has both! I think that's what they call a TWO-FER!


• Cording - Approximately 10 Feet (I used neon pink paracord because you need something that will hold up to the weight of the copper pipes when it is hanging. I started with a 15 foot cord and had extra that I trimmed off once complete, so 10 Feet is a pretty good estimation)

• Pipe Cutter - Approximately $8-$10 from Home Depot

• Ruler

• Permanent Marker

• Copper Pipe - 1/2" Diameter (For the size of wall hanging shown here, you need approximately 47" of total pipe. I got a 5 foot pipe from Home Depot for about $5)

• Yarn

• Scissors

• Hard Cover Book

• About an hour of time :)

These are the measurements we will be using for the pieces of pipe.

Using a permanent marker, measure and mark each of the above measured segments.

At each mark you've made, cut the pipe using the pipe cutter. Clamp the cutter onto the pipe so the blade lines up with the mark you've made. Tighten the clamp and begin to rotate around the pipe. As you rotate the clamp will loosen. Keep tightening the clamp and rotating in around the pipe until the pipe separates into 2 pieces.

Continue cutting pipe until you have all 10 pieces.

If any of your pipe sections have printing on them, you can use nail polish remover to remove the printing. Also, if they are a little on the tarnished side you can polish them with ketchup and they will be shiny like new. (I know it sounds weird but it works!)

Now it's time to assemble!

Starting with the smallest piece, slide the piece onto your cording until you've reached the half way point in your length of cord.

Next, take the second smallest piece and thread both ends of the cord through in opposite directions.

Continue to do this with each section of pipe, weaving in and out using both ends of the cord.

As you are weaving try to pull your cording as tight as you can without ripping it (or bending your pipe, for those of you hulk's out there.) If it seems to be too loose you can go back to your beginning weaves and pull each end tight. (The weight of the pipes will want to cause your hanging to sag down but if you keep it tightly woven you will not have a problem.)


There are lots of ways to make tassels so if you have a method you prefer, go ahead and use it.

I find using a book to be helpful because you can place your hanging pieces of yarn inside the pages of the book while you wrap the rest of the yarn and then easily slide it out when removing your bundle. But to each their own right?!

Place a 12" section of yarn through the pages of the book. (I've doubled it up for extra pulling strength.)

Wrap yarn around book as shown. For a larger tassel, use more yarn. For a more petite tassel, use less.

Slide your bundle of yarn off the book, keeping the original 12" section of yarn through all the loops.

Taking another 12" section of yarn tightly tie around the bundle about 1" below the top loops as shown.

Tie this very tightly or you'll have strands of yarn falling out. Keep it right and tight!

• 11 •

Using about 2 feet of the neon paracord make a loop as shown and wrap around tassel a little below the cinched part of the tassel.

• 12 •

Trapping the loop under the cord, continue wrapping tightly about 4-5 more times around.

• 13 •

On the last loop around, thread end through the loop of paracord at the top.

• 14 •

Pull the bottom tail of paracord down until you see the top loop disappear. Do not pull all the way through.

• 15 •

Trip excess on both sides. Ta da! You just learned a macramé knotting technique!

• 16 •

Taking the original 12" strands of yarn that are through the top section of the tassel double knot tightly to form the top bulb of the tassel.

• 16 1/2 •

(Not Pictured)

Trim bottom section of tassel at desired length, cutting off the loops.

Using the excess from when you knotted the top of the tassel into it's bulb shape, tie the tassel onto the bottom piece of copper pipe.


Bravo! You did it! Enjoy!

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