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They say your environment helps to shape your thoughts, interests and behaviors. Well, if this is true, I guess it's no surprise that after 8 1/2 years of working in creative development at a toy company, creating products and accessories for tween girls, rainbows, glitter and all things emoji have completely seeped in and taken over my soul! And I love it!

With rainbows and emoji's on the brain, today's Satur-DIY combines both in a cheerful & charming tote!


• Blank Tote Bag

• Multi-surface / Fabric Paint in a rainbow of colors (+ Black & White)

• Sponges (I cut up a dish sponge into 1" sections)

• Paint Brushes (variety of sizes)

• Pencil (not shown)

• Bowl (about 12" Diameter - or whatever size you want your emoji face to be - not shown)

• Mason Jar Lid (or something to trace for the emoji eyes - not shown)

• Paper Bag

• A couple hours of time :)

Before beginning, slide the paper bag into your tote to avoid any paint seeping through the tote.

You may also want to iron the tote. I forgot to and am regretting it!


To start VERY LIGHTLY trace the bowl to see where your emoji will be and where you will be painting.

Begin sponge painting within the circle drawn. I sponged a little bit of each color first to see where I was going to put each so I didn't run out of room before getting through all the colors.

Continue to sponge each color of paint. Overlap colors as you go to get a blended look. You may need to go back and forth between colors to get the effect you want. When sponging, fade out your colors about a half inch outside the circle you traced with the bowl. Let paint dry.

Using the mason jar lid, trace where you want the eyes. Then draw in the mouth and tongue.

Now you are ready to paint. Start with a layer of white for the eyes and pink for the tongue. I used a medium sized brush for both of these parts. Depending on the opacity of your paint you may want to do a couple coats of each. I did two coats.

After the white and pink paints have dried, move on to painting the black areas - mouth, pupils and outlines. For the outlines I used a very thin brush and painted very carefully and slowly to avoid any mistakes :). The black paint is the hardest to cover up an oops.

TA DA! So emoji-nal!

Let dry before using.


Enjoy your tote and enjoy your Saturday!

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