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Happy Easter everyone! Cheers to decorated eggs, baskets full of candy (especially PEEPS!), egg hunts, spring time, friends and family! Here is a very simple DIY to add a little glam to your Sunday bests. Forget bonnets, this bunny ear headband is so much more fun!


• Scissors

• Craft Knife

• Headband

• Felt

• Scrap Cardboard

• Assorted Gems

• Hot Glue Gun

Start by drawing your ear shapes on the scrap piece of cardboard and cut out with your craft knife. You could either download a bunny ear shape, print and trace or freehand it.

Tip: Draw & cut out one ear and then flip and trace the second one.

Trace your ear shapes on your felt. Mirror the ear shapes, leaving a section inbetween that is as long as twice the width of your headband. Cut these shapes out as shown above.

For each ear, hot glue the cardboard pieces to one side of the felt shapes. This will provide some stiffness to your ears so they don't get too floppy.

Wrap the felt shape around your headband where you want the first ear to be placed. Glue felt section to the bottom of the headband and glue the felt to the cardboard piece. The cardboard piece should now be sandwiched between the felt shape.

Repeat step #3 for the second ear.

Now it's time to glam it up!

Begin hot gluing gems to the front side of both ears. I started first with the bigger sized gems and then filled in the rest of the ears with the smaller sizes.

Hip Hop! You are done! So glam!


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