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SHOTZ on the house!

Are you someone who loves to show up at a party and wow everyone with a super snazzy dish to pass or drink to share? Or are you the type of host or hostess who loves to find exciting and playful things to entertain your guests with? If so, then COOKIE SHOTZ by tenTollo is right up your alley!

COOKIE SHOTZ is a specialty bake-ware set that includes everything you need to make edible cookie shot glasses that are totally delish! Why serve up a round of shots in boring old glass shooters when you can easily make shot glasses that you can eat! Best part - no sticky shot glasses to wash!

This weekend I was able to get my hands on a set and try it out for myself and I had so much fun!

The guide book that comes with the set gives you recipes for 5 different cookie bases, 3 glaze flavors recipes, and 20 shot recipes! It also has super easy-to-follow instructions for how to bake and prepare your shots.

I have never been a very successful baker. Most things I've made in the past have either turned out burnt to a crisp or still a mound of dough, but with the process broken down into such easy-to-follow directions, even I was able to make some pretty tasty shotz!

My favorite part about COOKIE SHOTZ , other than snacking on the cookie dough of course, is that there are so many ways you could customize the recipes and shotz to suit any occasion or taste you have. I experimented and got a little playful with the shotz I made by adding sprinkles to the dough and adding whip cream and more sprinkles to top it off. These would be perfect for a birthday party or spring / summer celebration!

Here are some other occasions that would be perfect for making a round of COOKIE SHOTZ ...

(both alcoholic and non-alcoholic variations)

Holiday Get Together / Mix some mint extract into the cookie base and top with crushed peppermint candy

Bachelorette Party / Dye the cookie base pink and add whip cream and pink iridescent sprinkles

Rainbow Pride Party / Divide the cookie dough into 6 even sections and dye each with a different color of the rainbow. (Make 2 COOKIE SHOTZ of each color)

Monster Themed Birthday Bash / Color the cookie base with green dye, and add floating (edible) googly eyes to the shot liquid (milk)

Tailgate Party / Using frosting, draw on the logo of your favorite team or numbers of your favorite players. Take a shot to cheers the team and wish them luck in big game. Or take a shot every time your team scores a touchdown or home run!

Girls Night Out / Getting together with your girlfriends before a night on the town? Start it out on a sweet note with a round of dark chocolate COOKIE SHOTZ!

For more information check out the COOKIE SHOTZ website or head over to their Kickstarter campaign to donate & order your own set (or a 2 sets for you and your baking buddies!)



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