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Around this time of year it always seems as though life pretty much explodes! Pool parties, vacations, mani-pedis to get those toes beach-worthy, BBQ’s, shopping sprees, trips to the grocery store, etc. etc. etc.!

With life in full blast, it can be really hard to keep track of everything going on. Recently I was starting to feel like I couldn’t keep track of things from one day to the next, so I’ve started using a planner to reign it all in.

In comes a STYLE.LAB planner to save the day!

If I’m being honest, not only did I want to start using one of these planners to help get my life organized, but I also have a slight obsession with buying notebooks and other stationery items, so obviously I couldn’t pass up a fun new gem to add to my collection.

I started using a STYLE.LAB planner a couple weeks ago and not only has it helped me plan, plan, plan, but it has so many fun ‘extras’ inside that you can’t help but smile (even while you are jotting down when your bills are due!)

There are a lot of planners in the market and throughout the years, I've tried all sorts of styles. Most planners will serve their function and provide a space for you to plan your days, however, why not add a little fun to that function!


3 FUN COVER DESIGNS / My fave is the plaid that says “I’m Kind Of A Big Deal” – There’s nothing wrong with a little confidence, right?!

18-MONTH CALENDAR / The pages of weekly and monthly calendars are un-dated, so no matter what year it is, you can write in the dates and get to plannin’.

TASSEL BOOKMARK / How freaking cute!

HOROSCOPES, QUIZZES & GAMES – OH MY! / Need a break from planning? Take a quiz to find out what emoji you are - I got the “Happy Emoji” when I took the quiz. In addition, there are tons of playful pages of lists, doodles, quotes and more!

THEMED MONTHS / Each month has it’s own style and graphic motif. Helps keep things fresh as you move throughout the year.

SECRET CODE! / There’s even a system of icons and symbols for each letter in a secret code. This could be helpful if you wanted to keep the name of your crush a secret just in case your planner gets in the wrong person’s hands…

What does this say?...

Guess you’ll have to get a STYLE.LAB planner to find out.

STICKERS GALORE / Dentist appointment? There’s a sticker for it! Girl’s Night Out? There’s a sticker for it! Spring Break Trip? There’s a sticker for it! With over 450 stickers it’s hard to find something there isn’t one for.

Planners aren’t only good for planning the future and making sure you remember upcoming dates / events. They are also great for tracking things that have happened.

Here are some other things planners are great for…

Did a friend say something ah-mazingly funny? Jot it down.

Tracking what you eat? Track it in your planner.

Keep track of when you mailed things. When you borrowed something. When you wrote a check.

Bring your planner to the gym and keep track of your exercises.

Have something you thought of and don’t want to forget? Good thing you’ve got your planner on you!

Bank account a little on the dry side lately? Keep track of what you’re spending per day to see where all your money is going!

Even though most of these things can be done on phones these days, and chances are, your phone is glued to your hand already, sometimes it still helps to write it down. At least for me, it helps me remember better.

Check out the Fashion Angel’s website to order a STYLE.LAB planner for yourself! Your unbelievably organized life will thank you!

Also featured in the photos above:

STYLE.LAB Smelly Jellies - Scented gel highlighters – A perfect pairing with your planner! They smell so good and glide on uber smooth!

STYLE.LAB Canvas Pencil Pouch – fits the planners like a glove!

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