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I love spotting a trend, falling in love with it and finding a way to incorporate it into a DIY.

Lately I've been totally digging bright, watercolor / tie dye style patterns and textiles.

I'm seeing them popping up in fashion, room decor, accessories and more.

What I love about it the most is the painterly, fresh, bright colors being used. It's taking watercolor, which normally has a softer, subtler wash of color, and turning the dial up a few notches.

It's free form, organic and vibrant! Love it!

This DIY Neon "Watercolor" Bag is the perfect summer accessory! And it couldn't be easier.

Channel your inner child and get ready to sponge paint!

You Will Need:

Neutral Colored Tote - I got this bag from Target for about $17. Keep in mind that your paint will show up brighter on a lighter color. It also helps if the purse is not too smooth of a finish / texture. This will help prevent the paint from chipping off.

• Variety of Paint Colors - Make sure to use paint that will work on fabric / multi-surface.

• Sponge Pieces

To get started, choose a color of paint and start sponging!

Here are some tips I found helped out...

Start Conservative / Dab any excess paint on your sponge on some scrap paper before stamping onto your bag. You can always build the color up to be brighter and bolder, but it's pretty much impossible to go backwards and remove paint if you put too much on.

One Color At A Time / I found it worked well to start with the darkest of the colors and work towards the lighter ones. You can always go back and add more of any color if needed.

Have Fun With It! / What's great about this trend is the organic feeling of the colors and how they mix together. Have a plan of where you want your colors, but don't worry if you have to adapt as you go.

Here's how my process went...


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