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Fall is officially here. Well, according to the majority of the population who uses the Starbucks release of the Pumpkin Spice Latte as their official Fall calendar kick-off, Fall started on September 6th this year. And even though we can't kid ourselves for too long since we know that once Fall hits, it's not too long until Winter creeps in, we can at least try to make the most out of, in my opinion, the best season of all!

Fall is my favorite season for many reasons. First and foremost, I am not someone who loves hot weather so the brisker temperatures are okay by me. Secondly, the textures. Fall fashion is full of a fabulous mixture of fabrics and textures such as leather, fur, suede, wool, velvet, ruffles, lace, knits and more. Fall also means the holidays are right around the corner and there is something comforting and exciting about that. Lastly, with Fall comes delicious foods and beverages that are full of delightful flavors and spices. I'm noticing a lot of fashions available right now incorporating rich colors and tones that are reminiscent of these fall flavors.

Here are some great fashions available right now that are both stylish and deliciously flavorful!

Forever 21 - Off-The-Shoulder Flounce Dress - This would be great for a festive fall soirée.

Forever 21 - Faux Fur Jacket - So fun!

Zara - Top with Cords at the Back - Easy breezy!

Nasty Gal - Let it Satin Bomber Jacket - Orange - So fun!

Zara - Faux Leather Skirt - Love the ruffle waistband detail.

Zara - Leather Jacket - So rich and cool.

H & M - Hooded Jacket - Casual and easy.

Nasty Gal - Rare London Nobody's Tulle Maxi Skirt - Such a romantic texture.

Zara - Faux Leather Pencil Skirt - So chic.

Anthropologie - Katya Sweater Maxi Dress by Tracy Reese - Sporty and comfy.

Nasty Gal - Jones to the Rhythm Jumpsuit - Elegant & chic.

Nasty Gal - Winnie Bell Sleeve Dress - Love the long sleeves and the turtleneck contrasted with the short dress length.

Nasty Gal - Views From The Faux Bomber Jacket - Love the color combo with the fur.

Anthropologie - Sierade Dress by HD in Paris - Love the retro vibe.

Zara - Shiny Trousers - Great holiday party pants.

Anthropologie - Layered Marquet Pullover by Brochu Walker

Forever 21- Faux Fur Vest - Love the variation of tones in this faux fur.

Anthropologie- Millau Ruffle Vest - Great for layering!

Urban Outfitters - BDG Polly Flannel Button-Down Shirt - Simple storage.

Anthropologie - Adore Fringe by Pepin - Love the mix of textures.

Zara - Lace Top - So adorable and pretty!

H & M - Jacquard-weave Scarf - Subtle leopard print.

Anthropologie - Eclat Midi Skirt by Maeve - Love the metallic texture! This is my favorite piece out of all.

Forever 21 - French Terry Longline Hoodie - Looks super comfy.

Zara - Sateen Blouse with Back Detail - Love how this could be dressed up or down.

Zara - Plumetis Top - So feminine and sweet.

H & M - Fitted Jacket - Simple & chic.

Forever 21 - Faux Fur Jacket - Love this color!

Zara - Mini Patent Finish Skirt - Fun & flirty!

Anthropologie - Tiered Ruffled Top by Sunday in Brooklyn - Pretty and flowy.

Forever 21 - Hooded Puffer Vest - Casual cool.

Nasty Gal - Plaid Influence Flannel Shirt - Perfect for apple picking :)

Nasty Gal - Citizens of Humanity Liya High Rise Jeans - Double Dare - Fun pop of color!

Urban Outfitters - Vintage Golf Cardigan - Classic.

H & M - Metallic Shimmering Pants - Great party pants!

Anthropologie - Boucle Moto Jacket by Cartonnier - Great tailored fit.

Forever 21 - Ribbed Mock Neck Top - So simple, yet so stylish with the addition of the hat.

Urban Outfitters - Kimchi Blue Crushed Velvet Mock-Neck Mini Dress - Great texture.

Anthropologie - Amis Lace Dress

Nasty Gal - That's the Way Faux Fur Jacket - Love the fur!

Nasty Gal - Boot Camp Babe Jumpsuit - Effortlessly cool.

Zara - Check Kilt

Zara - Sweater with Tie Detail on Sleeve - Looks so cozy.

Nasty Gal - Rex Satin Bomber Jacket - Fresh!

Zara - Faux Leather Pencil Skirt - Love this color!

Okay, I'm off to get myself a Pumpkin Spice Latte!



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