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I used to be a skeptic when it came to wearing sleep masks. I would think, "Really people? You can't just close your eyes and sleep on your own??" Even when I found out my mom had started wearing one, I lovingly rolled my eyes and said, "Alright Luna, you do you. Whatever floats your boat."

However, after recently getting some very restless sleep at a hotel due to a very annoying alarm clock light that kept waking me up throughout the night, I found myself thinking, "Man, I really wish I had a sleep mask to wear right now." After getting home from my trip I dug out a sleep mask that I had received as a gift but had never even tried wearing and gave it a go. I dusted it off, threw it on and had an ahh-mazing night's sleep! I have officially changed my tune and love wearing it! Hello dreamland!

It turns out that wearing a sleep mask has some actual scientific benefits beyond just making you feel a little fancier. Because the mask blocks out any pesky light that may be creeping into your room, it helps your brain sense the level of overall darkness which increases the level of melatonin in your brain. This increased level of melatonin is what helps your body's internal clock know it's time to sleep. When your body is better prepared to fall into a deeper sleep you will have longer periods of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. This is the type of sleep where you get the most rest. By increasing the length of time you are in REM sleep throughout the night, you will feel more awake, alert and rested throughout the day. REM sleep is also when you dream, therefore more REM sleep = more dream time with hotties like Chris Pratt or Zac Efron. Am I right ladies?!

Since sleep masks do a great job of blocking out the light, they are perfect for anyone who might have to get sleep in the daytime. Nurses, doctors and other 3rd shift workers as well as anyone traveling to different time zones who will need to catch up on sleep while it's still light out. They are also great to get the most out of that Saturday afternoon cat nap.

I will admit, when I first put the mask on and was laying in bed, I felt a little silly. But that feeling didn't last long because I was out. Snoozin' hard. And now that I have been wearing the mask at night for about a week it would feel strange to not put it on.

There are so many fun, sassy and cute sleep masks out there. And for the most part, they are all relatively affordable. Here are some super adorable ones I've found and a couple easy DIY versions as well.

Get glam with it! Just because your eyes are covered, doesn't mean you lashes can't be on point.

For all those cat lovers out there, there are plenty of cat themed masks out there to help you feel close to your feline friends even while you sleep.

Some of my favorites are the ones with a healthy dose of humor.

Wearing a sleep mask feels a little like being a small step closer to being a princess. So why not get a sleep mask that is just as luxe as the life you are pretending to lead?

Not finding a mask that you are in love with. Why not find a plain or patterned one that you can decorate and add your own little flair of personality to. These three were masks I found in the dollar bins at Michaels. With a small amount of paint, gems and feathers they were transformed into something with a little more pizzazz!

No matter what your mask looks like, one thing's for'll be sleeping sweeter. Sleep tight & enjoy your ZZZs.

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