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Boots are starting to make their appearance. Flip flops are reluctantly being shunned to the back of the closet. We are officially in the transition from summer to fall. While the first utterances of the words "Brrr it's chilly," are starting to roll off our tongues, yet we are not fully out of the denial stage that winter is approaching, we've hit the perfect time to sport some of the neutral nail colors in our polish supplies. Neutral / nude enamel colors have the very versatile ability to act as a chameleon when we are in a season where we might be donning a summer floral frock by day and by night we are covering up with a cozy cable knit sweater. Neutrals look great paired with bright neon colors, while being equally complimentary to deeper jewel-toned fabrics that often accompany the colder weather.

This past weekend I did a lot of cleaning in my apartment...okay well maybe not A LOT...but I did do a little. The nice thing about taking the time to clean and declutter your apartment or home is that you often times come across some things you forgot you had. While organizing my bathroom drawers and vanity I hit the jackpot when it comes to unearthing nail polishes I forgot I had ever even bought, some even quite recently. Here are some of the neutral nail polishes I am going to be rocking during this transitional season.

Some of the colors might appear darker and not very 'neutral' as shown above but in actuality are quite sheer and have a more nude look to them when they are painted on a nail. Particularly the Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter. This one looks to be a brighter pink color however, when painted on the nail, adds a nice sheer glittery effect to your nails without adding too much color. The Old Navy Glitterati has a similar effect.

On another nail note, I was reading a couple articles online and came across one that talked about a new trend hitting the fashion runways, with celebs following suit, called Buffing. This is essentially using a four-sided buffer (not a harsh filer) to buff off excess layers of nail and bring your natural nail oils to the surface to create a fresh, shiny, clean look.

For those of us who aren't ready to bare it all and go completely buffed, these nuetral nail colors are a great alternative and will help you feel 'polished' while still on trend.

Alrighty, time for a mani!


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