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When on vacation, one of my favorite things to do is shop! Wait, who am I kidding, it's not just when on vacation :) It's always fun to see what types of goodies and gems you can find when in a new city. While my recent vacation to Atlanta, GA is becoming a little less recent everyday, the cute shops and boutiques my mom and I explored are still a strong memory. During our time in Atlanta we stopped in a number of charming independent shops as well as a couple of the can't-pass-up chain stores as well.

Each store offered it's own take on the season's trends and fashions, but what I noticed was a common texture making it's presence known in each and every store - VELVET. Whether it's detailed and embroidered onto a stately armchair, flowing and draped from hangers, or delicately crafted into a dainty choker necklace, velvet is popping up everywhere I look and I love it. While I regret passing up a couple great finds while on our trip, my mom did snatch up a very cute velvet blouse from Anthropologie (and for a great deal too!)

What I'm loving about velvet right now is that even though it has a very retro / nostalgic feeling to it, the way it's being incorporated into fashions, home decor and accessories still has a quite modern feel at the same time because it's being mixed with modern silhouettes and styles. There is something luxurious and swanky about velvet while still feeling approachable and accessible. There is an effortless coolness as well as a sweet femininity to it. The variety of styles of velvet also allows the fabric to feel less redundant and overdone. From pure solid velvet to more casual crushed velvet or velveteen, there are style options galore.

Here are some of my favorite finds I've come across as I've been scouring the internet for something velvet to buy and bring into my closet or home. Can't get this texture trend out of my head!

MISSGUIDED / Oversized Crushed Velvet T-Shirt Dress - Simple silhouette, great texture.

ASOS / Padded Bomber Jacket in Velvet - Looks, warm, comfy and cool.

ZARA / Velvet Jogging Trousers - I'd lounge around all day in these :)

FREE PEOPLE / Lacey Velvet Jacket - Love the lace detail on the sleeve.

ZARA / Velvet Crossbody Bag - This one is my fave! Love the sheen it has.

ANTHROPOLOGIE / Clare V. Sansa Clutch - Great combo of fabrics.

FREE PEOPLE / All Access Velvet Turban - Love this styled with the leather jacket.

URBAN OUTFITTERS / Velvet Hair Scrunchy Set - Get on board with scrunchies - as long as they are velvet!

ASOS / New Look Velvet Cap - Even for the sporty girls.

URBAN OUTFITTERS / Zero Gravity Velvet Crush iPhone 6/6s Case - If I hadn't just bought a new flamingo phone case, I would be ordering this in a hot second.

URBAN OUTFITTERS / Crushed Velvet Skinny Scarf - Perfect for adding a touch of velvet without going overboard.

GRAHAM AND GREEN / Rose Pebble Quilt - Can this be my room please?

URBAN OUTFITTERS / Amya Velvet Pillow Pouf - This would be perfect in my living room!

Even for the men!

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