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I love a good sassy, snarky, statement T-Shirt! What better way to advertise to the world what type of mood you are in that day by either rocking a brazen self-proclamation such as I'M SO FANCY, or showcasing to the world your playful side with your love of unicorns. For the most part, these statement T's take a balanced combination of confidence and that 'I don't take life too seriously' attitude to successfully pull off.

I've pulled together a range of styles I have come across recently that I think are every bit as snarky as they are stylish.

These shirts really pack a punch! They are bold, honest and no holds barred.

OMG NO ONE CARES - How many times a day do you wish you could say this?! -

GET OVER YOUR SELFIE - For real! - Forever 21

NOT TODAY - Sometimes you're just NOT in the mood. - Nasty Gal

BUSY DOING NOTHING - At least we're being honest :) - Forever 21

I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR - ...Even though I have turned every room of my apartment except my bathroom into 'closets'... - Pinterest

If you can't use your t-shirt help scream to the world what you want it to know about you, how else would everyone know you are On Fleek?? I guess the saying here goes "A t-shirt speaks louder than words."

LIBERATED - From fashion faux pas, chipped manis and spilt espressos of course. - Urban Outfitters

REAL FANCY - Like diamonds and champagne fancy no doubt! - Forever 21

ON FLEEK - As if you'd ever NOT be ON FLEEK, right?! - Nasty Gal


NOT SO BASIC - Basic bitches not wanted! - Forever 21

Everyone's got a little part of them that loves unicorns right?!

UNICORNS ARE MY SPIRIT ANIMAL - Actually mine's a flamingo, but nevertheless... - LittleAtoms

STAY WEIRD - Stay at least 17% weird. - LuvMeLuvMyShirts

SORRY CAN'T I HAVE TO WALK MY UNICORN - And then I need to feed my dragon... - Skreened

These couple tees aren't quite as snarky or in-your-face as some of the others, but rather make a subtler statement.

CHAMPAGNE SIL VOUS PLAÎT - Champagne please. And diamonds, and a yacht too please? - Nasty Gal

BORN TO BE KIND - ...Kind-a wild is more like it ;) - Urban Outfitters

GEMINI THE TWINS - Love being a Gemini! - Urban Outfitters

While I like each and every one of the statement T's featured in this post, these are the ones that struck my fancy the most!

HA HA NO - Can't you just picture yourself saying this back to someone? I know I can. - @it_girls

LOVE YOUR SELFIE - Love the positive message mixed with on-trend slang - Ten Sixty Sherman

I WOKE UP LIKE THIS - No really, I did... -

NOT PHOTO SHOPPED - Love the message behind this one - @girlwithcurves

I TAKE MY COFFEE ICED & BLACK LIKE MY HEART - Cold, cold, cold. - Jac Vanek

NOPE - Simply put. - Jac Vanek

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