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St. Patty's day is a little over a week away and if you are like me, you struggle with finding that balance when it comes to dressing for a holiday and you are starting to dig through your closet to see what you can find to show at least a little bit of festiveness. You are torn between going all out and covering yourself in clovers, to saying, "Screw it! I'm wearing Pink!"

St. Patrick's day is also a holiday where I've noticed people either go full throttle with their level of festive or they go on with their daily routine, not even showing a hint that they realize it's a holiday. There is not a whole lot of in between. So, I've rounded up what I think are great ways to incorporate green into your OOTD but not feel like a total leprechaun.


Lovin' the sunnies! This is a great, easy way to add a pop of green without looking like you've put in any major holiday effort. And the mirrored lens in a holographic green are so fresh and fun. These are perfect for rockin' at the local St. Patrick's Day parade or even better, on that all-day Shamrock Shuffle Pub Crawl!


Accessories like shoes, jewelry and handbags are a great way to add a punch of green without feeling like you are swimming in it. I, myself, am not normally drawn to green fashions so I do not have a lot of green tops or bottoms in my closet. However, I do find it easier to buy accessories in all colors of the rainbow, so I am more likely to have green accessories to pull out on occasions like this.


I do enjoy a fun lime green or chartreuse so I am loving the two looks wearing the bright lime jacket! I especially love it paired with the pop of magenta. For a cooler, more casually camouflaged amount of green you could go for a deeper green tone or a more faded green.

[ HAIR ]

Feeling bold? Go for green hair! Since this usually involves a higher level of commitment you could opt for a temporary dye that washes out after a few washes. Just be careful, you don't want to look like your hair spent a little too much time in with a pool full of way too much chlorine!

Good luck finding something green yet chic to wear!

And don't forget to enjoy a green beer, or two, or three!

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