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Ah, the joys of a subscription box! Or in the case of Ipsy, the subscription bag!

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I have always been a lover of all things purses and bag related. So naturally, when tempted to buy into a monthly beauty subscription plan, I gravitated towards Ipsy. Because what's better than getting a monthly sampling of awesome beauty products? Well, getting those samples wrapped in a super cute Glambag of course!

I've had my subscription for about 2 years now and as the months have gone on, I have noticed my stockpile of Glambags starting to overflow. Each bag with such charming potential just sitting in my bathroom vanity looking pretty but also starting to collect dust. Ah! The horror! I know! So,I am on a mission, from here on out, to start putting these bags to good use!

Here are 18 fun ways I've found to use your Glambag.

Got an idea? Write it down. Doodle it out. Dream. Make goals. To-do lists. Favorite quotes. Lists. Food diary. Dear diary. No matter what you are writing or doodling, keep it in a Glambag!

Perfect that polish! Keep your mani tools and fave colors in an easy-to-grab mini mani tote.

Some of us don't have the luxury of devoting an entire drawer for miscellaneous 'junk drawer-y' items. So why not stash them in a Glambag? You never know when you'll need to super glue the heel back on your stilettos right?

This one might seem a little bit obvi but is still worth mentioning. Glambags are perfect for keeping your daily beauty essentials separate from the rest of your make-up stockpile. Got a fave lip gloss and don't want to have to dig through tube after tube just to find it? Simplify your life and keep what you use the most together in a Glambag. (Side note: This is one of my favorite bags!)

Girls night out? Long Flight? BYOB!

You will never have to worry about the horror of having tampons spill out of your purse in front of a total babe if you keep them hidden in a Glambag!

Lose earrings and rings like crazy? Keep them stored in a Glambag! This is also great for traveling. When I travel, I pack my smaller pieces of jewelry in a Glambag and put that bag into a larger bag that has my larger necklaces and bracelets. Works perfectly. This way you don't have to dig to the bottom of your big bag looking for that missing matching earring!

Speaking of traveling...Going through airports can be super stressful! Keep all your travel docs and IDs in a Glambag and you can breathe easy and feel organized when going through security.

Sometimes you just want a sugar fix :)

Even though pretty much everything can be kept track of digitally these days, sometimes it's a good idea to keep your receipts to help with your financial planning / budgeting. Might need to return something? Keep the receipt in a Glambag so you don't lose it.

You are going to need somewhere to store all that cash you are going to save after keeping good track of your finances! Glambags are just the right size! Use them as cute little banks if you are saving up for something special.

Hot date? Pack a little overnight Glambag just in case it turns into a sleepover date. Wink, wink!

Glitter! Confetti! Beads! Chains! Googly eyes! Gems & more! Store your craft treasures in a Glambag. You never know when you are going to want to add some glitter or confetti to something!

Another great 'tip' for traveling (did you catch the pun?) Pack your small grooming essentials in a Glambag. Q-tips, cotton balls, bobby pins, tweezers, etc.

You know all those notes you and your besties passed in school that are taking up residence in a shoe box in your closet, waiting to be busted out and re-read at a reunion? Put them in something cuter like a Glambag!

Big exam? Interview? Meeting the parents for the first time? Bring along your luckiest charms!

Glambags are perfect for using as charming gift bags!

When your phone isn't glued to your hands, and you are taking a break from intagraming, why not keep it safe in something as cute as a Glambag?

What are you going to use your Glambags for? I can't wait to see what next month's will look like!

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